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Vehicle Counting

Vehicle Counting

  • Vaidio’s Vehicle Counting quickly and accurately tracks and determines the number of vehicles in the camera’s field of view. Able to process in real-time and break down the results by vehicle type, Vehicle Counting is valuable in traffic and parking management for both security and business intelligence purposes. It can be used in many types of public access areas, such as transportation hubs, drive-ins, and car parks.
  •  Track vehicle movement  Detect and trigger real-time alert for vehicles moving in the wrong direction.
  •  Detect and trigger real-time alert for vehicles illegally parked in certain areas of interest
  •  View real-time alert on the map: show the detected event on the map based on camera’s location
  •  View live streaming as Video Wall on Vaidio user interface
  •  Count vehicles (by type) in real time in inbound and outbound directions
  •  Customize event and alert management and provide statistics for easy review and export