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Best Wifi 5, 6, 7 Router Distributor & Suppliers in Singapore

Synix Technology Pte Ltd, Your Premier WIFI Router Suppliers in Singapore is Our Company's Name.


The Best WiFi Routers to Accommodate Each and Every One of Your Needs



Are you seeking for the best WIFI router to match your connectivity needs? Synix Technology Pte Ltd. is a reliable WIFI router distributor in Singapore. We have WIFI 5 router Singapore and the latest WIFI 7 routers. Our consumers enjoy reliable access to the latest communication technology breakthroughs.


WiFi routers are plentiful today.


As the industry's leading WiFi router suppliers, we know that offering consumers many customization options is essential to meeting their expectations. We have routers for workplace, outdoor, and wherever in between.


Singaporean customers have found the WIFI 5 router Singapore to be the most reliable because to its strong signal and wide range. Due to its greater device capacity and faster data transmission rate, the WIFI 6 router Singapore edition is ideal for hospitals and legal offices.


Let's not forget the WIFI 7 router Singapore, the latest WiFi technology. High throughput, strong connections, and minimal latency make the WIFI 7 router Singapore model ideal for future-proofing your home or business network.


Dependable WiFi Router Distribution Network


Synix Technology Pte Ltd is proud to be a top WIFI router distributor in Singapore. The company offers the greatest items and service. From consulting to purchase, installation, and after-sales service, we are here for WIFI 6 router Singapore.


Outdoor WiFi routers that always connect


We know communication can happen outside structures. As a leading WIFI router distributor, we offer robust outdoor WiFi routers to keep you connected. We keep you connected in several ways. These routers are ideal for outdoor events, recreational parks, and other settings because to their durability and range. They're also long-lasting.


High-Quality Home and Business Routers


Synix Technology Pte Ltd understands that the Best routers for home & office needs use depends on the region, number of devices, and usage. We consider this before advising clients. To maximise your WiFi router investment, we offer customised advice.


Who Makes Reliable WiFi Routers in Singapore?


We're committed to maintaining our excellent standards as one of Singapore's most trusted WIFI router suppliers. Our knowledgeable team can help you get the right WiFi router for your home, workplace, or outdoor space.


Synix Technology Pte Ltd makes the best WIFI router. Join us in the first step towards reliable, seamless connectivity.

-300Mbps (5GHz)
-2x 5dBi Detachable 5GHz Omni Antenna (SMA)
-2x 10/100 LAN Ports
-PoE 24V Proprietary
-IP55 Waterproof Design
-MSSID, 802.1x/WEP/WPA/WPA2, WMM, RSSI Indicator Supported
-Operation Modes: Access Point/Client Bridge/WDS/Client Router/Repeater